The 9 Types of Nomads - Which One Are You?


Enneagram says there are nine personality types with different subsets. Astrology defines people's personality traits and fate in 12 zodiac signs. And I say, there are nine types of nomads.Forewarning: these involve stereotyping, misunderstanding, and snap judgment, but based on real people I've met on the road.


1. The Domestic Nomad

You work from home, sometimes at a local coffee shop or a coworking space. You're a remote worker, but you only take a few trips each year because you love having a place to call home and a stable social network. You know all about your city and frequently host friends from all over the world. 

2. The Short-Lived Nomad

You quit your job to backpack around Latin America. You don't really have a plan besides thinking you want to travel for a year. You end up meeting some quirky people and having some once-in-a-lifetime memories. But three months down the road, you realize it’s not that fun to travel 24/7 without a job. You feel quite lonely with the everchanging landscapes and faces. The revelation comes next: what matters the most to you is home

3. The Sabbatical Nomad

You most likely live and work in the UK, but you’re taking a year off to travel the world. You have to explain to most Americans what a sabbatical means and why your company has allowed you to do so. You’re enjoying the long journey but feeling guilty about not spending Christmas at home. However, on your way home after a year of traveling, you'll be crying at the airport before boarding your flight. When you finally arrive home and go back to your old job, you realize nothing and no one has changed, except you. 

4. The #Vanlife Nomad

You’ve sold your life and house in exchange for a cargo van. A true believer of minimalism. You’re either taking your dog, your significant other, your children or all of the above on this epic adventure. Somehow you manage to find WiFi at every possible location, where you maximize your time to write your blogs and post on social media. Your Instagram followers are probably asking you this all the time: how did you do it? 

5. The Slow Nomad

It's an oxymoron for a nomad to be stable. In fact, you probably don't even consider yourself a nomad because you don't actually travel that much - you're just far from home. You may just have visited a place you absolutely loved, then decided to rebuild your life there. Some may call you an "expat" or an "immigrant" depending on where you're from (rhetorics, rhetorics). You only go home to visit your parents during important holidays. 

 6. The First Year Nomad

Congratulations, you’ve just embarked on a life-changing journey. You may have planned for this lifestyle transition months ahead of time, or you’ve simply forgotten to go home. Every new destination is refreshing. Every encounter seems like a delightful serendipity. You’re navigating the logistics of a nomadic lifestyle while maneuvering all the challenges that come with the free fall (or you skipped this part by joining Remote Year). And most likely, you’re blogging all about your new life and showing off all your travel pictures. 

7. The Part-Time Nomad

You’ve traveled nomadically for a few years and it was time to slow down. You work remotely at a home base of your choice; it’s either a big city like New York, London, Vancouver or a more laidback nomad hub like Canggu, Medellín, Berlin. Finally, you aren't living out of a backpack or a suitcase anymore! But you’re only at your home base for half of the year – for the rest of the time, you’re traveling to escape winter, attending nomad conferences, and visiting friends everywhere. 

8. The Occupational Nomad

You work as a pilot, a flight attendant, a foreign correspondent, a celebrity, a performer! Or you work for the Peace Corps, the Marine Corps, Doctors Without Border – any organization that will require you to be constantly on the move. 

 9. The Restless Nomad

The world is truly your oyster. You’ve been a nomad for more or less a decade, or perhaps your whole life. Ever since you were a child, you’ve moved from place to place with your parents. When people ask where you’re from, you hesitate and tell a different story each time. After becoming an adult, you can never seem to settle down in one place. You’ve accrued more mileage than the step count on your mobile pedometer. You wear this status like a badge of honor. In between your crazy itinerary, you’ve stayed in a few places for longer than expected, perhaps even signed a year-long lease out of the whim – for love or for a temporary peace of mind. However, stability doesn’t satisfy you. You crave restlessly for adventure, intensity, and what lies ahead in the next stop.

Which one are you? If you're the 10th one, please leave a comment below and broaden our nomad scope :)